I was curious to know what it was like working with me on college essays, so I asked some of my students:

What was it like working with me?

Here’s what a few of them said:

Isabel writes:

Working on college essays with you made me feel more confident about my writing. For the personal statement, you were not only an instructor who was there to help but also a friend who listened to each and everyone of our personal stories. You understood what I went through and not once did you judge me. You gave me advice on how to write and you knew exactly what the college’s we’re looking for. You always had a positive attitude and you believed in me. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have finished 6 private essays in one day! And would have never thought of finishing my personal statement in three days. Working with you on college essays has definitely been the best experience I’ve had with writing. Thank you, Ethan! 

Zuleyma writes:

Working with you on college essays was a whole new experience, and Pablo is right to describe it as unforgettable but I would describe it as a roller coaster, In a good way. You taught us to find ourselves in a whole new way. You did not only proofread our essays but helped us tell our stories, our experiences and our lessons in life. You were able to come in with such a positive attitude day after day, you made time for every single one of us and treated us individually, not as a group. I am so grateful for that. I’m guessing that also had to do with the personality test you gave us, in order to know how to treat us individually and for us to become comfortable with you. When I say roller coaster I mean that feeling you get right when you get to the top and feel like your whole body will fall out? yeah that one, when reading our stories you were completely open about them and supportive giving us the trust to actually submit some of our deepest memories into colleges who we had no idea of who would be the people reading them, You made us feel like our stories mattered and we soon believed them. Aside from the awesome snacks you would bring like the chocolate covered coffee beans which were addicting (lol) you were always bringing something new for us, with every essay revision came another experience. My favorite experience was getting to meet Ethan the person not the instructor, that mostly came in when you went out of your way to make me a get well soon card, which you weren’t obliged to do but you did because that is the kind of person you are, giving, caring and always dedicated. So thank you Ethan because now I am at UC Merced trying so hard to fight for my dream to become a reality, and it all started with a simple story turned into an essay. 

Adriana writes:

I agree with Isabel, Zuly, and Pablo. ^ If it weren’t for your help and support I don’t think I would have gotten too “personal” on my personal statement. I was very reluctant and selfish when it came down to sharing my personal goals and struggles. But through the college application process with the Elite group I was able to share “my story.” In a way, it was a healing process. Working with you was extremely helpful and rewarding. Not only was I able to learn more about myself through the Elite writing workshops but also learned that many of my peers were healing in some sort of way. You were an indispensable asset through our college application process. Thank you for loving what you do. Your love is now reflecting through us as we continue our journey.

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