How to Write a Summary About an Article

How to Write a Summary About an Article

Before you start writing a summary about an article, you need to make sure that you understand what it’s about. Here are some tips to remember:

Questions to ask yourself before writing a summary

When writing a summary about an article, you should keep in mind the rules of etiquette. For example, you should make sure the margins are one inch wide on top, bottom, and sides. You should not include any personal opinions, and your summary should be clear and objective. As you read the piece, underline important parts and make a list of the main points. Then, formulate one sentence that sums up the entire piece.

Write the title and author in the first sentence. Be sure to use 3rd-person. For example, if the article was about cat training, include Stephanie Arnold’s full name and the title of the article. In addition, the summary should be written in the third person. For example, if the author is Stephanie Arnold, write “A cat cannot dance” in the third person. Your summary should focus on this argument and its supporting details.

Using the author’s name in a summary

The opening and closing sentences of a summary should state the author’s full name and the name of the article that is being summarized. Usually, the first mention is used for the author’s first name. The second mention should be for the last name of the author. This makes it clear that the author is reporting on his or her own work and not a piece of literature or another piece.

The author’s full name should always be included in a summary. When citing another author, it is customary to use the author’s last name. Using the author’s first name is fine when citing an article by the author’s last name, but if the person is important and influential, the surname should always be used. The author’s last name should not be used as a placeholder in the summary.

Length of a summary

The first sentence of the summary about an article should state the author’s full name and the title of the article. It should then state why the article is important. Depending on the length of the summary, it can also repeat earlier points. It’s best to change it up a bit from the formula below. Moreover, it should not contain quotations or close paraphrases. This way, the reader will have a clear idea of what the summary about an article is all about.

The length of the summary about an article depends on the size of the source material and the purpose for writing the summary. If your goal is to generate sales, the summary will be shorter than if the piece was a scientific article. If you’re writing a summary for marketing purposes, you’ll have to include more details about the original text to make it more readable and easy to understand. A brief summary that outlines the main idea of the article can be about a page and a half.

Format of a summary

The first step in writing a good summary is to determine the content and format of the article. A summary should summarize the content of the entire article. The main points or arguments of the article should be stated clearly, and all references to other sources should be listed. This format can be achieved by writing the article in your own words. Do not use direct quotations from another source. Your summary must show that you understand the text well. Avoid copying parts of the article.

After reading the entire article, make notes. These notes will be the basis for the summary. Include the main points, the thesis statement, and the evidence presented by the author. Often, the main points are also the most important. If you have any personal ideas, use examples to support them. The format of a summary will vary depending on the assignment guidelines. The goal is to make the summary as brief as possible while still highlighting the main points of the article.

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