How to Write a Good Article That Attracts Readers

How to Write a Good Article That Attracts Readers

Regardless of the size of your business, learning how to write a good article can increase your profits by dozens of percent. There are a variety of ways to get started with article marketing, from creating a compelling article introduction to selecting keywords to use. Below, you’ll learn how to create a compelling article that attracts readers. After completing these steps, you’ll be on your way to creating an impressive portfolio.

Keeping the reader’s eye on your article

Keeping the reader’s attention is a critical element of a successful article. It should have a clear topic, be informative, and contain bullet points and short paragraphs. It should also use subheadings and normal white space. Most importantly, it should be written in a simple, easy-to-read format. Ideally, the article should contain a few main keywords and hundreds of associated keywords.

Creating a compelling article introduction

When writing an article introduction, you should keep the opening sentence as short and sweet as possible. It should relate to the larger piece of writing and connect to the rest of the introduction. You should not have to add any additional sentences, and brevity is your friend. The reader will immediately understand the problem you are addressing and want to read your answers. Ideally, your opening sentence should only be one or two sentences.

Next, your intro should include a “so what.” The so-what serves two purposes. It draws attention to your content and acts as the focal point for your arguments. In your article introduction, your goal is to spin the importance of your topic in such a way that it will attract readers. Make sure your introduction has an ending that fulfills the promise you make in the opening. This will ensure that your reader is drawn into the rest of your article and not bounce.

Choosing keywords to include in your article

Choosing keywords is a science and an art. Your title and abstract should incorporate your chosen keywords and the content of the article should lead the reader to read the rest of the article. Choosing keywords is an integral part of your article marketing strategy. Choosing keywords will help you catch the attention of your readers and convince them to read your article in its entirety. If you’re a newbie to article marketing, consider these simple tips to maximize your article’s effectiveness.

While choosing keywords for your article, keep in mind that Google is getting smarter and matches content with search intent. It is best to include keywords that are highly relevant to your article. For example, if you write an article on how to wear block heels, your title might include “when to wear block heels,” “where to buy block heels,” and “what to wear with block heels.” Think of yourself as the user of your article and cover every angle of the topic. Using SEO research in your topic research will save you time, and make your article more interesting to users.

Organizing your article into sections

Organizing your article into sections is one way to improve your readability. First, use headings and subheadings to make your ideas more clear. Make sure to tell readers what each section covers. Use bolding and different font sizes to draw the attention of your readers. Another effective way to organize your article is to use transitions. Transitions signal changes in the writing, logically connect paragraphs, and show the relationship between ideas.

Including images

How to include images in an article depends on the style of the piece you are writing. If you want to insert an image, you can use inline images or link to a webpage. Inline images should be no larger than 16 pixels. You can also add an alt text to describe the image, change its style, or make it appear as a thumbnail. To add an image inline, click and drag the image in your HTML editor. You can also upload an image.

Before incorporating images into your article, you should first determine whether they are copyrighted. If you intend to use an image, you must obtain the owner’s explicit permission. This permission should be in writing. In some cases, permission to use an image in research does not necessarily translate to permission to publish in an article. Furthermore, a copyright transfer to a journal can conflict with permission to use the image in an article. For this reason, exceptions are often required.

Including expert quotes

If you’re writing an article about a particular subject, including an expert quote can provide more depth, balance, and authority. But where to find these quotes can be tricky. Here are five tips to find an expert source for your article:

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